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Ramzi Theory - £6

The Ramzi theory has been discussed for some time within the baby community.  This is a theory that claims if the placenta is in one position it means a boy and another position a girl.

There is no evidence to back up these claims but it has been suggested that this can be used as early as 6 weeks to try and guess which gender your baby may or may not be.

It has also been suggested that the accuracy of this theory can be as high as 97 percent (there is no scientific evidence to support this) using images from the first ultrasound scan and this changes as the pregnancy develops.

Nub Theory - £8

The Nub Theory is probably the most well-known method for trying to guess the gender of your baby before 16 weeks. 

This method has proven to be quite accurate when viewed by a qualified sonographer and you have a good 12 week scan photo to view and upload.

You will find that babies develop a nub between 11 to 13 weeks during the first trimester of pregnancy but a scan image between 12-13 weeks normally works best. 

Potty Shot Option £5

From 16 weeks of pregnancy you are able to have an ultrasound scan to determine the sex of your baby. 

We recommend Precious Moments Baby Scans in Newport, if you are looking for an early gender scan. 

If you have had an ultrasound scan and were not told the gender, you can choose our Potty Shot package for £10. 

Simply place an order and upload your images to get our professional opinion.  Clear images are important and if we are not able to make an assessment we will provide a full refund